COVID-19 Is Messy Pink Cloth Face Mask - Benefiting Voix Noire.

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It could have been so much less messy, but elections have consequences, Karen.

"It's pink, momma!"

This re-usable, 100% cotton mask will keep you from sharing the 'rona when you simply *must* wander out to Target. Non-medical, so please don't perform rocket surgery or brain science while wearing. Manufactured by Apolis in California, which pays its sewing team fair wages. American-made cotton, which I guess is a thing. OSFM, NSFW, GTFO, WTF?

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this super-duper-limited-edition face mask will be donated to Voix Noire, which provides mutual aid to Black women, Black marginalized genders, and Black children.