About Us

The Upwardly Mobile Harness is the merchandise arm of Nacy Warner Associates. (Learn more about that hot mess here.) In addition to being the merch home for "Very Messessary," the Nacy Warner Associates weekly webcast, the Upwardly Mobile Harness sells items related to electropop artiste Rick O'Disko (Outside of the USA) / Daddy Judgment + The Disruptors (inside the USA), and will be partnering with other artists, organizations, and co-conspirators to bring you the best stuff you never knew you needed but can't live without.

About our name: Remember when figure skater Adam Rippon wore that Moschino tux to the Oscars? As queens everywhere gagged, one of our creators commented, "Yeah, but it's an upwardly-mobile harness." (Why that never caught on as a thing, we'll never know.)

About our language: Yeah, we use some salty language here. If you're easily offended or don't like cuss words, then you should probably not shop here. There are a host of places on the interwebz for you to experience wholesome, Christian, lily-white online commerce.